Purpose-Clarity Breakthrough Session - Start Designing Your Dream Life

During our 30-min. call, we'll start to unpack your boldest dreams and biggest barriers and determine whether we're a good fit to work together.


Bringing Purpose to Loving Your Work and Living Your Best Life

From your session, you will take away:

  • greater clarity on what you want out of work and life
  • a mini-plan on the next steps you can take to finding your purpose
  • your biggest challenge identified and a copy of my 7 easy steps problem-solving formula cheat sheet

Peace of Mind

Enjoy a 30-min. consultation with absolutely no strings attached.

And I gurantee you will come away feeling lighter and more motivated to create a life you desire.

New Hope

I'm committed to helping you open up a world of possibility, whether or not you decide to work with me. 


Joy, relief, motivation, success - whatever it means to you - you can have it when you start your journey today.


Hi - I'm Looking Forward To Meeting You!

I'm Ingrid and I take inspiring women to be their best selves very seriously. It's what I love to do. I believe that the more women who love the work they do and who live intentional lives, the more families, communities and businesses benefit and can thrive for generations to come .  If you're ready to live your best life for yourself and your family and you want that bigger dream of what you bring to the planet - then I would love to connect with you and to help you design your dream life.

Ready to connect?

(and find the life that's waiting for you!!)

Let's chat and build a world of strong women together.