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5 steps to finding your purpose and connecting it to a career you'll love...
You might have noticed that lots of people today complain about their jobs.
There are a few really good reasons for this:
- it was a means to an end...survival!!!
- the job is unchallenging and going nowhere fast...
- there doesn't seem to be any return for effort...
- work lacks flexibility to do the things that are important
I've lived this experience and talked with countless women over the last few years to unpack this feeling of 'being stuck' so that I could develop targeted programs on finding purpose in your career and work life.
As a result, my programs help women create a purpose-driven life and have more time for the things they love to do.
If You are serious about finding a better life then you must find 60 minutes and look into this!
"A few months ago I spent a day with some beautiful women helping them discover how to be intentional, creating vision boards and generally spending the whole day focusing on themselves and their futures. It struck me then that all they wanted was to find something to do that gives them meaning in life."
I’ve created this webinar to solve that problem and I would love to show you:
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Ingrid Cucchi